Capital Banking Solutions is partnered with Dii (International Development Institute) for the 12th annual conference on "Fight against money laundering and tax evasion"

On Thursday, 28th November 2013

IntellEval, Capital Banking Solutions’ compliance division and competency center, will have a booth, on November 28, 2013, at the Hotel Napoléon in Paris, for the 12th annual conference on AML and tax evasion. This conference takes place while measures for transparency of financial transactions are tightening up. It will highlight new threats of the digital era, keys to preventing the risk of sanction or the best tools for Knowing your Customers (KYC).

Marylin Marchal, a Compliance Expert for IntellEval and Capital Banking Solutions, will present at 12:20 AM for a thirty minute lecture on updating your KYC procedures for FATCA compliance as early as January 2014. She will address the question: "Placing the cursor between the protection of personal data, customer knowledge and profiling?"

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