IBM Impact 2013

On Monday, 29th April 2013

Capital Banking Solutions will showcase its banking software, running on an IBM platform, at IBM Impact 2013, Booth IS-8.

Its suite of integrated and modular products and solutions for retail, corporate and private banks will also be featured during this speaking session:

Session #: BPB-3308
Title: Designing Banking Apps in the Era of Mobile, Agile BPM and Cloud
Speaker: Nicolas Jabbour, Capital Banking Solutions
Date/Time: Tuesday, April 30th, 12:00 PM - 12:45 PM
Location: Lando 4301B
Description: With the world moving fast to new heights on the cloud, powered by mobile users and agile demands in a changing world, a solid framework for financial apps is becoming a must. From mobile banking, to regulatory reporting, to risk management or automated bank outlets, the banking landscape is changing. Creating the right patterns to take advantage of the current technologies should be at the heart of these new systems. Firms that keep a traditional approach for developing and delivering applications will find their business severely affected. This session will cover tangible cases of modern applications in the financial sector, as well as patterns of solutions, tools and approaches to solve them. 

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