Solutions Banking 2011: CBS hosts three workshops

On Tuesday, 14th June 2011

Capital Banking Solutions will host three workshops in the new edition of Banking Solutions in 2011, organized by Publi News, June 14.

This event will take place at Espace Etoile Saint Honoré, 21-25 rue Balzac, 75008 Paris.

Workshop # 1: Banking Systems Incorporated in 9H
Chair: Marie-Thérèse Aycard Cabanel, Partner, Ailancy
"The Banking Systems Integrated Managed"
This workshop will be led by Jean Chatelain, Consultant at Capital Banking Solutions.

Workshop # 2: Wealth Management and Portfolio Management at 15H
Chair: Anne Plazanet, Partner, Ailancy
"Capital Private Banking, Private Banking Solution: Portfolio Management, CRM and Compliance. A tailored approach integrated and modular"
This workshop will be led by Christopher Brisson, CEO of CBS Europe

Workshop # 3: Anti Money at 17.30
Chair: Marc Sabatier, Co-founder, Sterwen Consulting
"To what extent tools alerts (AML) they can reduce the risk of punishment?"
This workshop will be led by Gaylord Lescroart, Manager of the IntellEval Capital Banking Solutions

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