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Our flagship product, CapitalBanker, provides a core banking platform with a robust set of capabilities to support the business functions for commercial banks.  CapitalBanker for Private Banking is designed to support the full scope of back-office and front-office services for private banks, such as portfolio management, customer relationship management as well as the ability to manage financial and derivative instruments, consolidate financial assets and manage risk. CapitalBanker for Islamic Banking is fully Sharia-compliant and helps banks design investments for clients based on Islamic law.

Offering flexible delivery models, from on-premise installations to managed hosting to banking in the cloud, CapitalBanker extends beyond just banking operations.  The company also provides a full portfolio of extensible software modules that integrate with CapitalBanker to bolster key functions such as business intelligence, risk management and compliance, bank office automation, and multi-channel support including internet and mobile banking.


The solution automates both upstream and downstream activities with a tight integration into the core banking system. Robust CRM capabilities include a user-definable real-time Client 360 view of party-related, multi-dimensional data and exchanges and contacts with the bank.  Executive Management in a bank relies on a series of analytical tools covering asset and liability management, operations, performance and risk.  

Additionally, CapitalBanker supports regulatory standards and reporting across Europe, Africa, the Middle East and the Americas including Basel II ratio statements, Central Bank reporting and clearing house models such as SEPA, SICAV 3, and RTGS among others.  

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