Bank Office Automation

Bank Office Automation

Our Bank Office Automation solution starts to transform your bank into a paperless office with support for electronic check clearing and images, as well as PDF conversion, storage and email support.  The software product manages electronic checks in a mass payment clearing system and handles check data and images.  It allows all operation exchanges between the internal bank information system and the central bank, and complies with miscellaneous international codification systems, including CMC7 and OCR, among others.  Our solution can also be used to convert system reports and customer correspondence to PDF, store them in electronic archives on bank servers, and email them to the client or other specific destinations.  

Our Bank Office Automation solutions include the Imagecheque, Wincheque and Capital Office products.  Read more about Capital Office.




Capital ImageCheque: Incoming and Outgoing Check Clearance

Capital ImageCheque is a product that allows banks and their branches to manage the incoming and outgoing check clearance process and to update their client accounts in their database.

Capital ImageCheque is currently employed by roughly 100 banks and financial institutions. The software is fully compatible with a range of electronic clearance systems including France, BCEAO, Algeria and Madagascar. Capital ImageCheque also interfaces with the majority of software on the market such as CapitalBanker, Capital Global Banking, Samic, Delta, Temenos, Iflex, Atlas, Orion Finance, Finantek, GLobus, ISBA, Meteo Bank, Smart Bank and SAB. 

Capital ImageCheque offers the following major benefits:

  • Can be centralised or decentralised. Each branch can treat its cheques independently either on the central server or the branch server.
  • Offers access to bank accounts, either by logical view or imported data, enabling the status and type of account to be verified when a withdrawal is made, when an uncleared check is scanned or while handling returns.
  • Enables access to bank's check folders, either by logical view or imported data, in order to verify if a scanned check is authentic, or has already been paid, or if it has been blocked.
  • Access to digitalised images of signatures allowing scans of uncleared cheques and handling of returns to be verified. Capital ImageCheque interfaces with most client signature management solutions.
  • Remittance forms and options for personalisation.
  • Ability to consult images of outgoing and incoming cheques.
  • Ability to secure software functions thanks to user profiles having definable parameters
  • Option allowing ImageCheque to communicate directly with the electronic clearance system without passing through the bank's database or any intermediate plate-form.
  • Electronic clearance module: for branches that are decentralised or that lack a strong link to HQ; an ImageCheque server is configured at the branch to store locally collected remittances; check data and images are then either sent to or collected by HQ.


  • Various modes for check scanning and remittance validation.
  • Option of separating cleared and uncleared cheques.
  • Capture of cashed or discounted remittances according to the beneficiary's details.
  • Audit trail enabling identification of each person involved in the handling of each check.
  • Multi-criteria export of remittances to the bank's database and generation of check images to send for clearing.


  • Access to check images and to data sent from the Central Bank via the User Access Platform.
  • Verification of signatures and faces of returned cheques via images received from the Central Bank.
  • Sending visual rejections of cheques to the bank's database.

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