Multi-Channel Support

Multi-Channel Support

We empower banks with multi-channel support through a suite of applications designed for Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, Smart Phones, Phone Banking and IVR Support, SMS, Kiosks, ATM/POS Networks and Mobile Branches.  The Internet Banking product enables commercial bank customers to securely access and manage their accounts.  It provides a consolidated view on the customers’ financial position, handles fund transfer requests, tracks checkbook, credit card and account statement requests, captures trade orders and generates alerts through secured e-mail and SMS messages.

Mobile Banking provides Internet Banking services delivered to a customer’s smart phone through a web-based browser or a native iPhone, iPad or Android application. We also provide Mobile Branch support enabling bank personnel – servicing clients remotely or at a visitor center – to use a laptop, tablet or iPad to securely connect to the core banking system and perform inquiries and transactions.  Our software solution for SMS enables an alternative payment method while Phone Banking and IVR Support allow bank customers to access their account from a touch-tone phone anywhere in the world. 

Kiosk support provides bank customers and prospects with a modern, interactive banking experience through an unmanned branch that provides 24x7 services.  Prospects or customers are able to view product literature, apply for bank services, phone or video conference with a customer service representative, and conduct transactions such as withdrawals, transfers and checkbook requests.  

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