Retail and Corporate Banking

Retail and Corporate Banking

Capital Banking Solutions offers integrated software systems designed to support the business functions for retail and corporate banks.  With a robust core banking platform and a comprehensive set of modules for online banking, mobile banking, customer relationship management and more, our Retail and Corporate Banking offerings allow you to operate efficiently and effectively.  

Our Retail Banking capabilities include counter operations, management of the check clearing cycle, checkbook workflow, funds transfer, term deposits, bills of exchange, card management and management of redeemable loans.  

Our Corporate Banking capabilities support the wholesale and corporate functions of a bank including treasury management, credit line and authorization management, foreign exchange and money market operations, documentary credits, documentary remittances and letter of guarantee generation.   

Our banking solutions, comprised of Capital Global Banking (formerly Orion)PowerBanker and BankMate and the newest CapitalBanker, are adapted to different markets.  

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