Risk Management & Compliance

Risk Management & Compliance

Management of risk and compliance is critical for all financial institutions and is governed by a complex set of internal processes, regulatory bodies and government regulations.  Capital Banking Solutions empowers your organization with a risk management and compliance solution that allows businesses to manage credit, market and operational risks as per Basel II, as well as address regulatory reporting, IFRS requirements, FATCA compliance and AML compliance.  

The financial accounting module allows banks to monitor and analyze financial statements and customer profitability on a daily basis which facilitates the decision-making process.  The solution provides features to analyze and monitor the credit, market and operational risks as per Basel II and IFRS requirements.  The portfolio management support also monitors the bank’s portfolio risk exposure as per IFRS guidelines and accounting principles.

The web-based anti-money laundering capability with its sophisticated filtering allows the regulatory scoring of customers, integrates the approach by risk (Third European Union Directive or MiFID) and searches for names on internal and external black lists. Its profiling capabilities are entirely configurable, allowing for follow-ups, analysis and the declaration of suspicious activity to authorities, such as Tracfin in France, Siccfin in Monaco, CTRF in Africa, OFAC in the US, the World-Check PEP list and the UN Blacklist. Other company or country-specific blacklists can easily be added.  

Capital Banking Solutions also enables financial security with its professional services division, IntellEval, providing expertise to address anti-money laundering, fraud prevention, protection from corruption & terrorism, and compliance with international sanctions.

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