Core Banking

Letting you carry your clients’ activity with fluidity.

Reinforce your banking
operations with a proven core
banking system

Take advantage of a solid, yet adaptable software, used by all sizes and types of banks (retail, corporate, neo, etc.) in different countries.

Innovate and get ahead of
your competitors

Innovate and get ahead of your competitors with a core banking system that lets you leverage the digitalization of banking activity

User-centric web design
Functionalities laid out to let you focus on the product and services you want to deliver to your customers and partners
Ensure compliance with multiple regulations
Use a variety of web-services to connect with open ecosystems

For all activities
Large coverage of banking activities

Go live swiftly, change fluently with a strong core banking system that can integrate the components that you need.

Real-time activity and monitoring
Rich APIs / API-rich
Secured cloud solution
State-of-the-art functionalities
Compliant with 60+ country localizations
Composable banking
Don’t wait for the future of banking, make it happen
Tackle competition and
improve your efficiency and your
customers’ engagement

Client 360 view to spot opportunities and risks
Omnichannel interactions to turn account openers into engaged relationships
Create and manage your products easily and get to market in-time
Stay compliant with local and international regulations

Data Analytics framework

You can choose the Core System that best fits your needs :

CapitalBanker, running on Oracle technologies

Improving Quality & Speed of Decision-making
Better planning & forecasting
Improving efficiency of internal processes
Better customer service
Reducing operating or capital expenditures
Improved ability to predict trends
Meeting compliance requirements
Better quantification of risk
Faster detection of fraud
Automated decisions for real-time processes

Partner of 200+ clients
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