DIAMA BANK SA selects Capital Banking Solutions’ banking suite to support the launch of its banking activity in Guinea Conakry.

Paris, France – October 19, 2022 – We are delighted to announce that DIAMA BANK SA has chosen Capital Banking Solutions (CBS) as its partner to support the launch of its banking operations in Guinea Conakry through the implementation of an integrated suite of solutions, ranging from Core banking to digital banking platforms, compliance management, credit request workflows, and analytical reporting tools.

DIAMA BANK SA is an upcoming bank that will soon serve the clientele of Guinea Conakry. This new collaboration will enable DIAMA BANK SA to establish itself as a pioneer in the banking sector of Guinea Conakry. The decision for DIAMA BANK SA to partner with CBS was based on a criteria that focuses on digitalizing banking processes and simplifying customer interactions through innovative digital products. To achieve this, DIAMA BANK SA has selected the following products:

CapitalBanker™, the Core Banking system that efficiently and securely manages the production activities of DIAMA BANK SA (Front, Middle, and back-office). CapitalBanker™ is a fully configurable solution that perfectly adapts to the products and services that the Bank intends to offer.

CapitalDigital™, an online banking solution, which allows DIAMA BANK SA’s customers to access banking services anytime and anywhere through an omnichannel experience. CapitalDigital™ caters to the ever-increasing demands of customers, from executing transactions, real-time balance inquiries, and account openings to requesting cards and loans, as well as accessing all their documents online (statements, reports, etc.).

CapitalCompliance™, the solution that combats money laundering and tax evasion. It will provide DIAMA BANK SA with a set of modules covering AML transaction monitoring, filtering (blacklists), customer profiling, and FATCA monitoring and reporting. This solution is adaptable to all local and international regulations.

CapitalLending™, the end-to-end credit request workflow management platform (Loan origination), fully configurable and featuring an automatic scoring and financial analysis engine. This API-based platform allows DIAMA BANK SA to have a fully customizable credit management system for handling loan requests initiated by prospects and clients. It facilitates business evolution by offering innovative products through a “product factory,” thus accelerating the launch of new products and shortening response times to customer inquiries.

BanksAnalytics™, an analytical reporting solution that provides the Bank’s management with comprehensive insights into its business operations and profit centers in terms of product volumes, realized margins, and customer segments. Comparing this data with the budgets set by DIAMA BANK SA will provide a valuable business development tool.

CapitalConnect™, a middleware developed on a secure and open-source platform, enabling the integration of various solutions. This allows the Bank to develop its own APIs and connect CBS products with external solutions .

Alain Klat, Sales Director at Capital Banking Solutions, stated: “We are proud to count DIAMA BANK SA among our clients. They are now part of the CBS family. We are confident that they will grow rapidly and become a major player in the banking landscape of Guinea Conakry. The objective of DIAMA BANK SA and Capital Banking Solutions is to accelerate the deployment of solutions and services with an ambitious action plan. We will mobilize our team of experts to implement our solutions in line with DIAMA BANK SA’s defined strategy, for a faster opening.”

Thierno Mamoudou DIALLO, General Manager at DIAMA BANK SA, added: “It is with great pride that DIAMA BANK SA signs this important strategic partnership agreement with CBS. Choosing CBS is part of our ambition to establish a modern and innovative Bank serving Guinea. The agility of CBS’s core banking will allow us to introduce innovative banking products and services tailored to our customers’ needs in the Guinean market. “We applaud the Bank President’s vision and thank all those who contributed to the success of this strategic decision. We are confident that this partnership will be a successful model.”

Overview of DIAMA BANK SA: DIAMA BANK SA is a 100% Guinean-owned Bank with strategic partnerships with world-class players. It is a modern universal bank with digital, electronic currency, and fast transfer capabilities. The Bank aims to be the preferred choice for a diverse clientele, offering financial services that meet international standards. The Bank’s objective is to become one of the top two most innovative and high-performing banks in Guinea in the first five-year plan and establish a prominent position in the West African sub-regional financial sector in the second five-year plan. DIAMA BANK SA plans to revolutionize banking services in terms of quality, cost, and digital payment systems. It seeks to position itself as the Bank for Businesses, SMEs, Individuals, and the retail market, increasing national banking coverage rapidly through cutting-edge technology and partnerships with key players in electronic currency.

To achieve these objectives, the Bank has defined clear and achievable strategies:

– Prioritize service quality and responsiveness to customer needs.
– Recruit and train personnel who align with the Bank’s vision, mission, and corporate culture, centered around service excellence, customer care, and institutional integrity.
– Facilitate development in essential sectors of Guinea by providing financial services and products that cater to the needs of commercial, industrial, individual, and institutional customers.
– Reduce the costs of existing banking products.
– Mobilize national savings as leverage for customer needs and activities.
– Attract international financing for the benefit of customers.
– Forge a privileged partnership with the Guinean government and international institutions to significantly support the country’s economic development and increase foreign direct investments (FDIs).
– Fund wealth-generating and job-creating infrastructure projects.
– Offer products to the diaspora through an online portal and network with major international money transfer players.
– Establish strategic partnerships with telecommunications operators, electronic currency providers, and large distribution networks through Agency Banking, WEB, and Mobile Banking to ensure nationwide coverage.

Overview of Capital Banking Solutions:

Capital Banking Solutions is one of the world’s leading providers of Global Banking platforms, equipped with the latest tools enabling its customers to adapt to the constant changes and also to meet the latest expectations of an increasingly demanding clientele. The objective is to enable banks to constantly improve their performance in order to maintain the highest standards expected by both the regulator and customers.

CBS has over 25 years of banking expertise in providing innovative and comprehensive solutions that meet the evolving needs of financial institutions.



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