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Omnichannel Banking Solution

Digital Solution, OmniChannel

CapitalDigital™ is more than just a software, we are an omnichannel banking software that keeps you up to date with all the digital revolution. We adapt to our customer needs, and we are fully customizable. This allows us to ensure that your customers can bank on their own terms. Our solution also delivers simplification to your customers’ banking with our innovative and intuitive interface design and features.

Why Choose

CapitalDigital™ is a digital banking solution that delivers all your banking services to your customers wherever they are and whenever they need through an Omnichannel experience. Customers’ banking journey starts with our cutting-edge digital onboarding that ensures a seamless digital experience. CapitalDigital™ helps in meeting customers’ ever-growing expectations from executing their daily transaction, checking their balances, opening new accounts to applying for new cards and loans.

With its scalability and integration capabilities, CapitalDigital™ is ready to be your bank’s partner for the future.

APIs exposed

Leverage on our extensible digital platform and open APIs exposed to the outside world, offering considerable benefits to your customers by making their banking easier.

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