A scalable and innovative digital platform dedicated to financial inclusion.

A business model designed to address Microfinance challenges
  • Enhancing performance by leveraging necessary indicators to make informed decisions at the right time.
  • Providing a scalable solution that continuously adapts to legislation, market constraints, and incorporates the latest innovations from our research laboratory.
  • Offering an economic model and/or subscription based on the size of the microfinance institution (SaaS, licensing, etc.).
  • Adjusting budgets according to the growth of the microfinance institution (Pay-as-you-grow). Supporting your digital transformation from microfinance to a banking model in a “Pay-as-you-grow” approach.
  • Meeting regulatory requirements for microfinance regulatory reporting.
  • Delivering a cloud-native digital solution that can be deployed either with a hosting provider or within the financial institution’s infrastructure.
  • Providing a preconfigured model that integrates best practices and regulatory requirements for a secure and rapid deployment (2 to 3 months).
  • Offering end-to-end support for solution deployment (project management, business analysis, overall supervision, etc.) and tailored assistance in operational mode.
  • Anticipating market needs by regularly offering tailored evolutions to meet time-to-market demands.

Accelerate your digital transformation initiatives with an outstanding front, middle and back office transactional capabilities, by implementing best of breed solutions, in line with central banks regulations.

Fast implementation

CapitalBanker MFI, a fully configurable and cloud-ready solution, can be deployed in less than 3 months. The addition of additional products and features relies solely on configuration and does not require any additional development. You will benefit from a solution that meets all standards, both in terms of technology, functionality, and regulatory compliance.

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