Digital Trends for Technology Banks

Digital banking or Digitalization of a bank has radically altered the landscape of banking in the last few
years. Digital technologies which were initially limited to banking channels, now encompass the entire
banking spectrum. So, whether it is back-end operations or customer facing channels, digital banking
delivered through new-age technologies is the way forward for all participants in the financial service

The current wave of digital transformation is being driven by newer technologies such as Artificial
Intelligence, Robotic Process Automation, Blockchain, API Banking, and Internet of Things which have the
potential to dramatically alter the banking landscape. These technologies, when harnessed together, will be
able to provide much deeper levels of personalization and enhanced customer experience, transform the
banking operations, changing the very essence of how the banking industry operates today.

In this whitepaper, IBS Intelligence in collaboration with Capital Banking Solutions has identified emerging
trends in digital banking that have the potential to define the future of banking. These trends cut across the
entire banking spectrum, indicating that there won’t be any area of banking that will remain unaffected by
this new era of digitalization.

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