Capital Banking Solutions introduces its dedicated microfinance banking platform.

Paris, November 15, 2023 – Capital Banking Solutions (CBS), a leading provider and integrator of innovative banking solutions, introduces CapitalBanker MFI, its dedicated microfinance banking platform. This omnichannel platform is designed to enhance financial inclusion through digitalization.

The microfinance sector provides a concrete and effective response to businesses and individuals who lack access to traditional financial services. Building on this realization, CBS introduces CapitalBanker MFI, a banking platform dedicated to this sector. Like the World Bank, CBS believes that financial inclusion is a crucial factor in reducing poverty and promoting economic development worldwide, particularly in Africa.

Taking advantage of digital opportunities, CapitalBanker MFI caters to all types of organizations, from microfinance institutions to cooperatives and retail banks looking to develop microcredits. Flexible and deployable in less than two months, CapitalBanker MFI enables a responsible and inclusive digital transformation that adapts to local regulations and market requirements. Accessible from most devices, from smartphones to computers, the platform continuously integrates the latest technological innovations.

The pay-as-you-grow approach ensures continuous scalability to accompany clients’ growth, allowing them to transition from microfinance to banking status without technological disruptions.

Samer Hanna, CEO, and Chairman of the Board of Capital Banking Solutions, states: “At Capital Banking Solutions, we are proud to present a solution specifically designed for institutions offering microfinance services. With CapitalBanker MFI, our goal is clear: we support these institutions so that they, in turn, can assist their clients, making financing solutions accessible to all. In other words, we strengthen financial inclusivity and contribute to economic development. We particularly target the African market because demand is very high. We have already signed five contracts since the beginning of the year, even before the official launch of CapitalBanker MFI, and are in discussions with several other organizations.”

CapitalBanker MFI fully integrates into Capital Banking Solutions’ overall strategy to enhance financial inclusion. CBS offers clients products tailored to their needs and expectations, deployable in the cloud or on-site worldwide and in multiple languages.

Capital Banking Solutions’ adaptability is also evident in personalized support for all types of structures: universal banks, retail banks, corporate banks, private banks, neo-banks, family offices, or management and intermediary companies are among CBS clients.

“Capital Banking Solutions is a growing company with significant value in terms of expertise and skills. We offer a comprehensive range of banking solutions, from Core Banking Systems to wealth and portfolio management, and CRM solutions. To continue developing our activities in Africa, we rely on our offices in Casablanca and Abidjan. We are convinced that a considerable number of financial innovations originate from the African continent. Because microfinance is an increasingly utilized tool, we offer, with CapitalBanker MFI, to guide many sector players toward digitalization and bancarization, providing them with our added value,” declared Samer Hanna, CEO, and Chairman of the Board of Capital Banking Solutions.

To benefit from a perfectly customizable solution featuring open architecture and complete, simplified compliance, Algerian Union Bank has also opted for CapitalConnect ™ and CapitalCompliance ™.

In addition, the bank has strengthened its technological offering by choosing Swift Manager to manage issued and received Swift messages to comply with the new ISO 20022 regulations that will come into force starting November 2025, CapitalClearing™ to guarantee the security and transparency of every financial transaction (transfers, incoming and outgoing direct debits, cheque deposits, …) as well as the Securities Management solution to help its account managers optimize their securities portfolio and simplify the process of buying, selling and monitoring securities investments.

For Capital Banking Solutions, the opportunity to support the opening of this bank is a real honor. Thanks to our combined agility and expertise, together we succeeded in optimizing and simplifying their opening.

“We would like to thank Algerian Union Bank for choosing Capital Banking Solutions to accompany them on this new adventure. We guarantee a tailor-made collaboration to ensure their successful market entry and are proud and eager to initiate this deployment”, says Mr. Alain Klat, Group Sales & Marketing Director at Capital Banking Solutions.

About Capital Banking Solutions

For over 25 years, Capital Banking Solutions has been developing and integrating innovative banking solutions tailored to various international banks. Leveraging our expertise, extensive experience, and ongoing research and development efforts, we offer a broad range of innovative products to address the needs and challenges of the banking market and our 200 banking and financial institution clients.

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