An End-to-End fully integrated and extensible Lending platform

Full lending cycle for more profitable loans

CapitalLending™ provides banks and financial institutions with a fully customizable lending platform for loan origination and servicing. Designed with an open and scalable architecture, allowing for an anticipated business growth, innovative product offerings, and faster Go to Market.

Innovate and differentiate yourself from the competition by leveraging the digitalization of your lending processes

Transform your banking activities into a smooth journey for both, your people and your customers. From onboarding, origination, and screening, to payments, banking services and tailored offerings, our retail banking solution offers you a smart and notable banking capacities, bringing an outstanding user and customer experiences across all channels.

Unique user

Create a fluid and personalized banking experience allowing the increase of the customer satisfaction. Drive customer engagement with an omni-channel strategy spanning native mobile app, web app, branches, and advanced interfaces like conversational banking using AI technologies.

Faster Go to Market

Leverage advanced product building capabilities using our flexible product factory, allowing to create a wide range of innovative offerings tailored for your customers, with a quicker go to market pace.

Integrated Workflow Engine

A built-in process management tool allowing a system administrator to configure the workflows linked to the production processes in a simple and interactive way.
The workflow engine seamlessly ensures uninterrupted transfer of loan applications between several departments and stakeholders, and offers all the components which are necessary for the implementation of complex workflows.

Scoring and
Financial Analysis

Empowering banks to increase their ability for real-time approvals, as well as an easy implementation of straight-through lending processes.
An unconventional credit scoring application allowing your organization to qualify borrowers, assess the risks, and help taking appropriate decisions in an automated way.
Offering an automated financial analysis and financial ratios calculation for your corporate customers, based on flexible user-defined calculation rules, enabling automated decision-making capabilities.

Advanced technologies
for an integration with
the outside world

Connect to your core and any third-party system through APIs and micro-services. Experience Innovation with our state-of-the-art digital lending platform, take your lending journey to the next level, and win your customers trust by committing to save them time and making their banking journey easier.

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