A universal end-to-end solution based on ISO 20022 supporting all types of payments

Modular & Flexible

Our modular approach lets you focus on what you need, can adapt to your specific architecture.


Connects with major ACH (Automated Clearing House) and CSM (Clearing and Settlement Mechanisms) systems: STET, BACS, CHAPS, SEPA, Visa, etc.


Respects local and international regulations, like PSD2, Swift, RTGS, etc…

All types of payment

Value chain is covered: Transfers (SCT, Swift, RTGS, salaries, etc.), Direct debits (SDD, local), Credit cards, Prepaid cards.


Whether you operate hundreds, thousands, or millions of transactions each day, our solutions can be tailored to each situation you face and volumes you need to handle.

Digitalize your clearing processes

Through CapitalClearing, centralize the whole clearing process in one application, allowing to increase efficiency, reduce the operational risk and cost, and break data silos, while also integrating with local clearing platforms.

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