One Cloud, Multiple Hosting Options.

Your business is unique. At Capital Banking Solutions, we recognize that one delivery model does not fit all and our Cloud-based platform is built to expertly deliver a variety of hosting options. The result? Our clients have trusted us to be their turnkey provider for the hosting of their banking solutions. The proof is in our 100% client retention rate.


  • Hosting Options
  • Private Cloud
  • Third-Party Cloud
  • On-Premise
  • End-to-End Managed Services

Hosting Options

Options Hardware location Hardware owned Hardware managed Software managed End to End Managed Services
On-Premise Client site Client Client Client/CBS CBS
Third Party  Cloud (CBS’ Technology partner) CBS’ Technology partner site CBS’ Tech Partner CBS’ Tech Partner CBS & Tech Partner CBS
Private Cloud Cloud Cloud Cloud CBS CBS

Option – On-Premise

  • Hardware location – Client site
  • Hardware owned – Client
  • Hardware managed – Client
  • Software managed – Client/CBS
  • End to End Managed Services – CBS

Option – Third Party Cloud (CBS’ Technology partner)

  • Hardware location – CBS’ Technology partner site
  • Hardware owned – CBS’ Tech Partner
  • Hardware managed – CBS’ Tech Partner
  • Software managed – CBS & Tech Partner
  • End to End Managed Services – CBS

Option – Private Cloud

  • Hardware location – Cloud
  • Hardware owned – Cloud
  • Hardware managed – Cloud
  • Software managed – CBS
  • End to End Managed Services – CBS

Private Cloud

Look to the Cloud for Scale and Optimization

More often, clients are interested in Private Cloud hosting service because it not only saves time and effort but is proven to be economically sound while minimizing the project implementation risks. There are many benefits to a Private Cloud as well:

  • Increase your speed to market due to less implementation time compared to other hosting models
  • Reduce, and some cases, eliminate hardware costs
  • Improve scalability and pay for only what you are using
  • Rely on CBS for all managed services and support for the software solutions

Third-Party Cloud

Optimal Integration for Next-Generation Hosting

CBS offers hosting services through our industry leading technology partners. During our Technology Architecture discussion with you, we will determine which partner will best meet all your requirements in order to deliver the right hosting fit for your solutions:

  • High speed and performance from your core banking system due to latest processing and storage hardware solutions managed by technology industry leaders
  • Reduce hardware costs related to upgrades and maintenance
  • Accelerate your growth globally enabled by remotely managed, easily scalable resources
  • Rely on CBS for all managed services and support for the software solutions


Managed Within Your Domain

We understand that some client business requires hosting of their business data and services are essential to be located on the client’s premise. We have designed all our solutions with an open platform to ensure they offer just as many benefits and are operational in any hosted environment.

During our Solution Strategy discussion, we will learn your infrastructure requirements and customize to meet all your requirements and deliver the right sized solutions.

No need to worry, even if the solutions are hosted on premise, we will still provide all managed services and support for the software solutions, partnering with your IT department to comply with their protocols and procedures.

End-to-End Managed Services

Our managed services cover a full range of activities and infrastructure and applications support:

  • Monitoring Services
  • Operational Support to ensure CBS applications availability and data backup
  • Database support
  • Processing and transactions flows control
  • Support of environments and other infrastructure components
  • Application Support
  • Service Desk
  • Disaster Recovery Plan