Comprehensive Solution Delivery Made Easy.

Delivering banking solutions is no small feat, but our comprehensive integration process and methodology that has brought peace of mind and confidence to our 200+ clients over the years due to the care and collaboration embedded in our process.


  • Project Planning & Management
  • Implementation
  • Delivery & Testing
  • Go-Live

Project Planning & Management

During the sales process, the project manager and consulting lead begins participating in client discussions to understand the scope of the work, solution architecture and customizations, and client expectations. The consulting lead then begins to build the implementation team.

Depending on the project size, a full-time project manager will be assigned to keep the entire delivery project moving according to schedule and report progress regularly.


We request two teams on each side of the table – Capital Banking Solutions and the Client.

Both teams will have technical and business function representatives to participate in the implementation.

Both teams bring their specific expertise and knowledge to the project and collaborate to ensure the solution is implemented to fit perfectly in your environment.

Delivery & Testing

Our innovative and flexible solution design is easily rolled out to your branches or offices in only 6 months, depending on complexity and the selected scope.  Our team of experts work with you to develop optimal project plans and often cover multiple products such as Core Banking Suite, Front Suite, Compliance and Digital Banking to support full enterprise transformation.

The solution supports all locations and adapts to new countries.

Testing is conducted at various project milestones to ensure features and modules are functioning as expected.

Before the Go-Live, a final integration test is conducted with all the migrated data and the relevant interfaces.


At Go-Live, we work with key bank employees that will be responsible to support the solution internally.

They will be trained as the first level of support and will be on point to connect to our Support team for second level issue resolution.

Training documents are provided and in-person training is offered and determined by the client.

The type of ongoing Support is determined by the client and documented in the Service Level Agreement.

After Go-Live, a team of Capital Banking Solutions professionals from the delivery team will remain for a time period to offer:

  • Spot training as needed
  • Solution support – especially for financial management and reporting processes that occur month-end or quarter-end
  • Onboarding for new bank employees

Each team is carefully selected based on the profile and specific needs of the client.