Ongoing Support When & How You Need.

Capital Banking Solutions offers the highest level of support to all our clients. The support team is comprised of both technical and application expertise to ensure the support provided and accurate and fast.

Once your implementation is nearing completion (see Technology / Integration for more details), our support team will be part of the final stages of implementation to begin ongoing support for your innovative banking solution.


  • General Support
  • Custom Support
  • Upgrades and Maintenance
  • Solution Optimization

General Support

Support documentation is provided for your in-house technical professional that includes instructions for various technical configurations, updating or changing module parameters, and testing scenarios.

Post Go-Live, banks with a lot of complexity or activities can request a dedicated support team onsite ensuring your team is comfortable and knowledgeable about how to use the solution, and to address any small issues.

Custom Support

This is a support plan that is customized based on your specific needs. You will have the option of scaling your support team’s availability – up to 24 x 7 – based on your geographic and support level needs.

Or you may choose to have a set number of support hours each month to use as needed.

Upgrades and Maintenance

Leveraging our maintenance support services, clients can enhance their support experience with access to bug support, new releases, and upgrades at no additional License cost.

Solution Optimization

Sometimes the business needs change after implementing a new banking solution, so our technology team is available to work with you to determine the modifications or additions needed.

Because of their knowledge of the existing technology and platform, they can design the appropriate modifications to deliver high-quality development work and eliminate risk of faulty changes affecting business operations.