Let OUR Core Banking Expertise Be YOUR Competitive Advantage.

CapitalBanker™ is a Universal banking solution designed to streamline core banking processes and provide all areas of bank staff with the intuitive tools they need to serve your customers.  From account opening to customer data management, transaction management, loans and withdrawals to general ledger and accounting tasks, CapitalBanker makes it possible for you to seamlessly deliver the highest level of service across all banking channels to every customer.

Additionally, with CapitalBanker at the heart of your business, you can confidently comply with complex regulations, and spend more time focusing on delivering new products and services that serve your customers’ needs.

Explore CapitalBanker and learn how we can help you deliver a customer experience that enables you to win in your markets!

Do these challenges sound familiar?

  • Declining profits and increased competition

    You are pressured by squeezing profit margins from the competition and costs associated with operations and maintaining older core banking infrastructures.

  • Outdated infrastructure impeding growth

    Piling product after product onto an outdated platform with no ability to integrate, scale and analyze ensures that you are wasting time and money that should be spent on driving account growth.

  • Digitization must happen now

    Time-to-market with digital experiences is keeping you up at night. Customer’s omnichannel expectations and time-to-market with competitive digital experiences could cost you significant market share.

  • Customer visibility and aggregation

    You operate on multiple systems and channels. You customers do business across multiple accounts and services. How do you achieve a single view of your customers?

Are you ready to compete in the digital age?

If you are going to compete in the digital era of banking, it’s time to get serious about Core banking conversion. CapitalBanker can help.

Our cloud-ready, modular platform allows you to easily build, automate, and scale your core banking operations allowing you to achieve the things that matter most to your business:

  • New product innovation
  • Process optimization
  • Improved customer experience
  • Increased business agility
  • Reduced operating costs and platform maintenance

Enterprise Reference Data

High value solutions begin with a solid foundation

High value solutions begin with a solid foundation

  • Consolidate disparate application data and eliminate data duplication through our centralized data repository
  • Create a single channel for data consumption and continuous management
  • Consolidate financial, general ledger books, and general ledger balances reporting
  • Tighten data controls and integration by leveraging your core banking platform as your system of record for your enterprise reference data

Business Services Layer

Universal blueprint to expand quickly.

Universal blueprint to expand quickly.

  • Leverage a single environment for all banking services and business functions
  • Eliminate integration challenges and reduce operational risk
  • Scale your infrastructure as your service offerings change with modular service blocks
  • Improve time- and cost-to-market with new services

Core Banking Interaction Layer

Gateway from the back-end to the front-end

Gateway from the back-end to the front-end

  • Achieve limitless combinations of interactive touchpoints
  • Increase controls and support all front-end protocols and integrations
  • Easily communicate between back-end and front-end channels

Enterprise BPM Services

The backbone of Core Banking communication.

The backbone of Core Banking communication.

  • Seamlessly, flexibly, and securely exchange data between all of your different banking layers
  • Ensure robust and secure integration between the front and back-end of your bank