Digitize Your Customers’ Banking Experience.

Our CapitalDigital™ solution puts the banking power in your customers’ hands so they can transact with you in an omnichannel world. Our solution also delivers simplification to your customers’ banking with our innovative and intuitive interface design and features.

Do these challenges sound familiar?

  • Customer Experience and Engagement

    Technology is pervasive and having an impact on customers’ expectations. Customers have become accustomed to convenient, on-demand transactions with online retail experiences – now they expect it with banking.

  • Scalability and Speed of Change

    Working with banking solution providers that can implement new customer engagement tools throughout your banks, before the technology is obsolete, is a big challenge.

  • Budget Constraints

    Whether it’s the cost to update banking software, the core banking platform, or introduce the latest technology tools for your customers, budget limitations are a recurring issue.

  • Transaction and Registration Abandonment

    Four out of ten consumers say they have become frustrated enough with an online banking application to just give up. And that the online onboarding process banks offer does not meet expectations.

Keep Your Customers Connected Without Boundaries

CapitalDigital is a next generation omnichannel banking solution that empowers your customers to bank on their own terms: where, when and how they want. This solution boasts many comprehensive features and functionality that meet the needs of your customers.


Empower your customers with true personalized innovative banking that offers the convenience to use a variety of channels to complete transactions. With CapitalDigital enabled channels, your customers can begin a banking task on their cell phone, then update it on their tablet, and finalize the task on their computer. The solution technology can offer this capability by:

  • Automatically bookmarking the customer’s place and saving the information when exiting
  • Seamlessly returning the customer where they left off at login
  • Natively displaying the content relative to the type of device they are using (Responsive UI)
  • Operating across a variety of computing platforms: smartphones, tablets and computers

Security and Authentication

CapitalDigital solution includes the most advanced and robust security protocols that safeguard the privacy, data and assets of your customers and your bank. You can enforce secure and authorized access through:

  • Authorities and Approvals – another level of security at the customer or banking staff level to further protect accounts, limits and transactions.
  • Login security & Authentication – a variety of security types for login and authentication that will increase the level of safeguards on particular accounts or across all the customer’s accounts. Types of authentication mechanisms include: Username and Password, OTP, Tokens (Vasco, etc.), Matrix and any combination of the above
  • Passwords – determine your bank’s strong password creation parameters, frequency of password change and account lockout process.

Personalized Customer Journey

  • Overview
  • Customer On-Boarding and Applications
  • Personal Account Management
  • Savings and Budgeting
  • Online Banking
  • Multi-Channel Interaction


CapitalDigital enables you to consistently deliver a simple and intuitive customer banking experience that can be personalized by each of your customers. The solution equips you to deliver a high degree of personalization through multiple customizable elements, which in turn gives your customers the power to tailor their digital banking experience according to their own specifics.

Customer On-Boarding and Applications

Among many CapitalDigital solution features, is the quick and easy way to acquire customers online and apply for an account and/or loan. This feature allows customers to complete and apply online to become customers of the bank or to open a bank account or apply for a loan.

The solution employs the latest technology that safely, quickly and easily verifies and confirms an applicant’s information to open a bank account. For loan applications, the customer can submit high level financial information online, and within minutes receive confirmation of eligibility which encourages completion of the full application.

Personal Account Management

CapitalDigital includes many tools and features to help your customers manage their money efficiently from anywhere on any channel. Here are just a few examples. Your customers will appreciate the new tools you can offer them to simply manage their online banking needs, budget expenses and save money.

Savings and Budgeting

Customers can virtually plan and categorize their funds meet savings goals or budget goals. Using our Savings and Budgeting module, you can make it easy for customer to plan and achieve savings goals.

  • Intuitively move money from category to category.
  • Schedule deposits by category
  • Monitor goal progress with automated, user-defined alerts

Online Banking

Using CapitalDigital’s Online Banking module, you can help clients free up their personal time by being able to offer them the ability to conduct transactions online without having to physically go into a branch. Additionally, our clients expand their market reach and improve time to new markets with the ability to attract and service customers without having to operate a physical branch.

  • Transfer funds and make payments: immediately, domestically and internationally, between own accounts or third party accounts, upload bulk payments
  • Access account information: access accounts/transaction details, view debit/credit cards and investments, View/download/print statements
  • Initiate actions, requests and communications: open/close accounts, manage service requests send secure email with attachments via the message portal

Multi-Channel Interaction

Be more accessible and build better, more personal relationships with your customers with our Multi-Channel Interaction Module. With CapitalDigital, you can engage with customers personally with video and audio conferencing as well as chat sessions that are safe and secure. These tools that are familiar to most of your customers can now be part of the service offering you deliver to build better relationships and be more accessible for your customers.

Administration & Controls

  • Overview
  • Branding and Marketing
  • Set-Up and Access
  • Analytics


CapitalDigital’s administration features that enable you to set-up and manage options for your customers, security levels for login and transaction processing, and analytics available for them to create and monitor. This allows you to maintain complete environment control while giving your customers a personalized experience.

Branding and Marketing

Control and manage the content format and structure of the customer screen such as:

  • Background image(s) for the login screen
  • Checkbook design catalog
  • Bank’s Privacy Policy and Services Agreement
  • Products and services cross-promotion
  • Standard email texts sent to your customers

Set-Up and Access

Manage and control portal set-up such as online transaction currencies for online, authorized transaction types, authorized account users.

Manage both employee and customer profiles and permissions all through one channel:

  • Track activity and events requiring additional action
  • Create and manage profile templates and profiles
  • Monitor all activities through complete Audit Trail


Automatically maintain, review, and analyze multiple sets of customer statistics regarding your customer usage and engagement. Using CapitalDigital’s analytics tools, to make intelligence based decisions around:

  • Customization of the customer’s personal dashboard
  • Customer upsell and cross-sell opportunities
  • Product support and development plans
  • New product development and value-add services

Additionally, our analytics tools offer multi-level drilldown and filtering capabilities. Additionally, we offer comprehensive visualization tools so data can be viewed in multiple formats.