Lend Your Customers a Hand with Automated Loan Processes.

CapitalLending™ solution is a complete retail and commercial loan origination solution designed to assist banks and lending institutions to automate their loan process from origination to fulfillment and eliminating risk exposure.

Do these challenges sound familiar?

  • Multiple Departments Slows Process

    Internal department dependencies requiring one department to finish their part of the process before the loan can progress, results in longer time to completion and profit realization.

  • Manual Data Validation

    The lack of automation in the origination to servicing process, requires excessive manual effort that delays the process – from completing forms, verifying data and identity, retrieving credit reports and finally generating documents.

  • Customer Visibility of Progress

    For customers, the loan application process can be demanding and frustrating. The process is long and they have no visibility to the intricate steps and the cross-department interdependencies involved on the bank side. They quickly get frustrated waiting for an answer.

Automated Loan Processing Accelerates Profits

Our web-based origination and servicing solution, CapitalLending, is flexible and configurable and designed to accelerate the loan process by eliminating manual processes and increasing profit margins.

CapitalLending works with your core banking system to support both new and existing customers. For current customers, the solution uses existing information as its fully integrated with your core banking system without the need for a double data entry. Throughout the process and with advanced data management, there is less handling of data, which reduces operational risk across loan portfolios.

Our solution helps you manage your customers’ personal, consumer and commercial loans with its various features that are seamlessly managed in collaboration with the core systems, such as:

  • Proposing loan products best suited for retail, SME and commercial needs
  • Customization of screen views, documents, questionnaires and more are based on the type of lending product
  • Identifying constraints and limit control conditions with required documentation and approvals
  • Booking and disbursing approved loans through the core banking system
  • Identifying risk exposure in real time, across many lines of business