Empower Your Private Banking Business.

CapitalPrivate™ is our private banking and wealth management solution that enables you to deliver a high-value experience to your clients. Our solution supports the complex day-to-day, front-to-back office operations a private banker requires to efficiently manage customers.

Do these challenges sound familiar?

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    The financial market is rich with niche players that can provide your customers better access, visibility and results from their portfolios.

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    Reacting to Customer Growth

    When high-value clients introduce new assets or expand their portfolio into new areas, they expect you to be able to support them proactively.

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    Centralization of Data

    Managing multiple portfolios in multiple systems – some outside of your infrastructure – is difficult without a front to back integrated solution that interfaces with multiple external sources.

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    Regulations and Compliance

    When your clients have assets in many countries, remaining aware of local regulatory changes is difficult without technology designed specifically to follow and comply.

Less Complexity With a Customer-Centric Solution


Our CapitalPrivate solution is an integrated and modular solution that empowers you to be proactive and efficient in managing the complexity of your customers’ business by leveraging its suite of modules and features.

Like all our solutions, the CapitalPrivate solution includes an advanced customer profiling feature that enables you to monitor, document, analyze and eventually report your customer information as required by various industry and country regulations. You will be able to instantly manage against internal or external blacklists and identify suspicious transactions.

Dashboards and Reports

Our CapitalPrivate solution includes multiple user-friendly dashboards, featuring drill-down queries – such as commission details on a specific transaction or historical data on an order. The flexible layout can be customized according to your needs and/or the needs of your customers. This single view of your customer’s assets also provides key performance indicators to help you effortlessly manage their portfolio and accounts.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) module allows you to build more personalized relationships with your customers and deliver specialized services by equipping you with detailed, multi-dimensional information about your customers.

You can simply and effortlessly keep a constant contact with your customers, providing key insights of the performance of their portfolios while ensuring compliance with all legal regulations within the wealth management industry.


  • Sophisticated customer contact management organized as per your requirements: customer groups, families, individuals, companies, prospects, advisors
  • Event-driven and task-oriented management support – like a personal assistant – managing phone calls, meetings, emails, payments and more
  • Quick search engine for simple easy access to all customers’ data
  • Know Your Client (KYC) and other scoring or client evaluation

Portfolio Management

The CapitalPrivate Portfolio Management module  comprehensively offers the tools and information needed to react to the market very quickly, improve productivity, reduce operational costs – ultimately improving your customer relationships.

This multi-asset portfolio management module gathers all information concerning your customer’s assets, helping you build the right investment strategy and ideal profile for your customers . You can select the portfolio according to different criteria, such as the portfolio model, relationship manager, portfolio size, customer profile or the group of customers.

The module’s rich functionality enables you to take the most current information and analyze it in different ways to optimize the best portfolio solution for your customers.

Controls and Limit Management

The CapitalPrivate solution includes a Controls and Limit Management module that enables you to define proactive alerts and controls based on your customer or industry requirements. Giving you peace of mind that notifications will automatically send, so that you can focus on managing your customer’s portfolio.

These controls and limits can be implemented at the initiation of a new customer account and modified as appropriate through the customer lifecycle. Following are a few types:

  • Blocking and Alerts – pre-trade breaches are detected and prevented
  • Exposure Controls – post-trade breaches detected and prevented, like exposure by the issuer, and excess on a line
  • Deviation Controls – detects any deviation from customer profile constraints

Family Office

The Family Office module helps you to aggregate all of your customer’s assets on a single view and provide information of all of their financial and non-financial assets. This module includes an interface to include assets held at other financial institutions into the single view dashboard for your complete visibility and management of your customers’ holdings.