Removing Complexity and Increasing Efficiency.

Corporate Bankers face daily inefficiencies and issues working with multiple systems with different processes for viewing, originating and servicing customers and their data. In addition, your customers are looking for products that help them leverage the ease of technology.

Finally, the products and services you are managing for your customers are highly regulated and complex such as treasury management, capital and money market management, limits management and corporate loans, and risk management.

Our CapitalBanker™ solution will begin to address many of your multi-system issues bringing all customer data into a single customer-view interface that enables you to manage complex services with efficiency and ease. Also, giving you peace of mind that you have all the data and analytics in front of you to make the best recommendations to your customers.

With our CapitalCompliance™ solution, you will be guided through the variety of regulations that you may have to face on a daily basis. The solution will ensure that every regulation is addressed and on time to eliminate fees, non-compliance fines and your worry.