Redefine Your Customer’s Banking Experience – Virtually.

Capital Banking Solutions brings to market the most adaptable and comprehensive virtual banking platform that allows you to deliver an anytime, anywhere, any device banking experience to your customers. By delivering an omnichannel solution, CapitalBanker™ lets you deliver a more streamlined and highly integrated single view of each customer’s account and activity – securely.

Workflow Channels:

  • Web
  • Mobile
  • Voice
  • SMS



  • Improve back-office, operational, and support efficiencies
  • Advance brand position and growth opportunities
  • Improve data continuity and reduce redundancy
  • Reduce operational risk and improve security

Customer Experience

  • Increase interactive channels and improve customer retention
  • Reduce multiple password and login requirements through same-login across multiple devices
  • Personalized access based on user preferences