Competitively Positioned to Meet Market Challenges.

Complying with ever changing regulations, managing the complexity of your customers’ data on outdated technology are just some of the challenges you face that keep you from managing your customer’s increasingly sophisticated needs. Oh, and your margins are being squeezed by market conditions and the competition so operating budgets are decreasing. So, what do you do?

Starting with our scalable core banking system you will reduce costs while having the capability to grow at your pace and as budgets allow. Our CapitalBanker™ solution offers this kind of agility with your core while also improving data quality, integration of front to back office services and gives you the analytics and insights that will help you meet your corporate and financial institution customers’ expectations.

In addition, our Capital and Securities market capabilities will enable you to easily and effectively manage the entire scope of treasury and investment management operations. Our solution offers automated processes associated with financial services, trading, portfolio management and investment accounting, so you will have more time to focus on customer relationships and global growth.