Information Management.

Accessing, aggregating, managing and sharing multiple sources of key business data is difficult and expensive. An integrated platform that manages the volume of banking data and complex applications requires robust processing, massive storage and intelligent management. As your business grows, you need to scale quickly and cost effectively. We can help!


  • Managed Services
  • Security

Managed Services

Our cloud-based solutions are flexible and efficient for our customers and require ongoing managed services to ensure customers can access their data from anywhere in the world.

We will work with you to monitor, identify issues, resolve them and continually improve the platform technology supporting our solutions.

With administration services that span the entire infrastructure – applications, end of day processes, regulatory reporting, interfaces and even external products such as the greeting system – ensuring peace of mind that your services  will always be on, accurate and delivering on the high standard of service your customers expect.


At Capital Banking Solutions, our security procedures are built with your security in mind – built to safeguard your operations and your customers’ privacy, data and assets. Our built-in security and authorization protocols are fully customizable.  Features include:

  • Authorities and approval – configurable user access rights by function, accounts and account limits
  • Security and authentication – one-way password encryption, single or two-factor logon authentication, etc.

Whether you choose Private Cloud, Third Party or On-Premise Hosting services, you can be confident that the infrastructure security is enforced at a state-of-the-art level. You can expect scanning and intrusion detection, regular audits, and external threats are minimized with three distinct and redundant architectures.