Innovation + Banking Expertise = Empowered Customers.

Leveraging a rich history of banking IT expertise and combining it with current Cloud technologies, our solutions position our customers for growth – now and in years to come.


  • Architecture
  • Gateway Interfaces
  • Integration


Compliance, Efficiency, Integration – All under one umbrella.

The Capital Banking Solutions platform provides end-to-end solutions that can be utilized across your bank functions, your branches, and global locations.

Our clients benefit from full integration with their banking infrastructure to eliminate data redundancy and comply with country-specific regulations.

Gateway Interfaces

When it comes to transactions, we’re your gateway to the world.

All banks are different.  Their requirements, unique.  That is why we have built interfaces to the industry’s leading standards such as SWIFT, SEPA, Clearing, Reuters, Bloomberg, Visa, MasterCard, Payroll, Central Bank and the Stock Market.  As our client’s connectivity requirements continue to grow, we will continue to scale our gateway interfaces so that you can continue to succeed.


Integrate.  Cooperate.  Scale.

Capital Banking Solutions is designed to help you optimize performance, performance that can only be achieved by efficient interoperability.  Our open, standards-based architecture enables the integration of best-of-breed products into the architecture and enables your solution to grow with your business and IT needs.

Our solutions are available as a fully integrated platform or modularly, interoperable with any 3rd party core banking platform. So, you can choose the right solutions for your banking technology needs without being locked into one solution provider.