Testimonial – BGF Burundi

“We are very happy and proud to work with Capital Banking Solutions”

Testimonial Robert Ntwenguye – Deputy Managing Director

The collaboration between the Banque de Gestion et de Financement du Burundi (BGF) and Capital Banking Solutions began in December 2014, with a strategic project for the bank, which is the deployment of our Core Banking System as well as the management of the Bank’s Digital transformation, through, among other things, the online banking solution / bank at distance, which has allowed us to accelerate this digital transformation, thus allowing us to offer innovative services to all of our customers and to be one of the pioneers in the banking sector in Burundi.

Capital Banking Solutions has accompanied us on this journey, always providing us with the necessary support using the expertise of their teams, whether at the functional level or at the technical and technological level. They also accompanied us in the context of change management.

We have also supplemented our solutions recently acquired from CBS with the acquisition of the leasing management module. Whose deployment was done in record time. This allowed us to serve a new clientele, and also assured us of being able to support the development of the local economy and of course, to increase our market share.

We are very happy and proud to work with Capital Banking Solutions and we are convinced that they will be a partner of choice in all our future projects. We are counting on them to support us as best we can in our development in the region and internationally.

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