Treasury &
Capital Markets

Flexible and open capital markets solutions for better performance and extended business capabilities.

Treasury Management Solution

Streamline your treasury management through our scalable and configurable treasury management platform, allowing the automation of your activity while reducing your operational risks and costs, and adapting to constant market changes.

Capital Markets

Based on a “building blocks” approach allowing to integrate all Front-to-Back processes, our Capital Market Solution creates a smooth Front, Middle and Back Office experience allowing the improvement of your productivity, the optimization of your risk and capital allocation.

Full set of features and capabilities

Management of both customers portfolio and bank’s own portfolio, offering a full set of features and capabilities taking the capital markets activity to a higher level.

Orders Management
Corporate Actions
Securities Transactions
Dividends and Coupons
Corporate Actions
Bonus Shares
Split and Reverse Stock
Options and Futures
Collateral Management
Front-to-Back Functionality

Maintain compliance with regulations while retaining customers and leveraging growth opportunities, offering a flexibility in supporting complex derivatives, options, and structured products, with open integration capabilities ensuring secure integration with third-party risk management and analytics tools, ensuring a full support for front to back trade processing.

Personnel data protection charter