BICIS, member of SUNU Group, selects Capital Banking Solutions’ comprehensive and integrated suite to elevate innovation and market dominance in Senegal.


Paris July 17, 2023 – In a significant move to revolutionize its banking services and stay at the forefront of innovation, BICIS chooses Capital Banking Solutions’ suite of products, including CapitalBanker™, CapitalConnect™, CapitalLending™, CapitalDigital™, WhatsAppBanking™, CapitalClearing™, BanksAnalytics™, Swift Manager™, and CapitalMonitoring™.

The collaboration between BICIS and Capital Banking Solutions has been marked by mutual trust and collaboration. Throughout the sales process, the two entities have worked hand in hand to co-create a tailored suite of solutions that meet BICIS’s specific needs and challenges.
By opting for the suite of solutions offered by Capital Banking Solutions, BICIS aims to efficiently manage its daily operations, optimize internal processes, and adapt to the ever-evolving market landscape. The suite encompasses an array of cutting-edge solutions designed to deliver seamless customer experiences, enhance agility, and promote operational excellence.
The bank will benefit from :

  • An innovative, flexible, and adaptable core banking system (CapitalBanker™)
  • A seamless, intuitive, personalized, and fully digital customer experience accessible across all channels and at any time (CapitalDigital™)
  • A modular architecture and unification of all applications to improve productivity (CapitalConnect™)

BICIS has also chosen to integrate solutions for:  digitizing its credit application processes (CapitalLending™), managing financial transactions (CapitalClearing™), analytical reporting (BankAnalytics™) providing accessible chatbots for all clients (WhatsAppBanking™), monitoring and alerts (CapitalMonitoring™), as well as handling incoming and outgoing Swift messages (Swift Manager).
With the suite of solutions provided by Capital Banking Solutions, BICIS will enjoy continuous agility and scalability, enhanced security, and increased operational efficiency.
«Capital Banking Solutions team is delighted by the trust placed by BICIS. We are committed to providing them with high-quality service, smooth implementation, and successful deployment of our central banking information system,» assures Alain Klat, Head of Sales and Marketing at Capital Banking Solutions.

About BICIS:

Founded in 1962, BICIS is a joint-stock company with a capital of 10 billion FCFA, with shareholders including the SUNU Group (since April 28, 2023), the Senegalese government, and private entities in Senegal. It has a network of 32 branches and a dedicated business center for enterprises. BICIS is one of the leading banks in Senegal, offering a wide range of products and services for individual and professional clients, catering to all their needs. The bank also provides comprehensive services to large companies, SMEs, SMIs, and institutional clients. BICIS is committed to regular and sustained Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities in various domains, including arts and culture, healthcare, education, sports, etc.

About the SUNU Group:

Founded by Mr. Papa Pathé DIONE, the SUNU Group is a pan-African financial services group present in 17 West and Central African countries. With around thirty companies, including 9 life insurance companies, 17 property and casualty insurance companies, 2 banks, 1 microfinance institution, and 2 healthcare management companies, the Group has been a leader in life insurance in French-speaking sub-Saharan Africa for several years. It offers life insurance, property and casualty insurance, banking products and services, and healthcare management solutions. To enhance customer proximity and optimize service quality, the Group has invested in a program to digitize all its processes and services, enabling remote access to its products. Both internal and external solutions are progressively being implemented in all the countries of its presence, allowing for dematerialization and streamlined interactions. The SUNU Group also emphasizes its societal commitment through development actions and support to communities in the areas of education, culture, environment, sports, and health.

About Capital Banking Solutions:

For over 25 years, Capital Banking Solutions has been developing and integrating innovative banking solutions for various international banks. Leveraging expertise, years of experience, and research and development efforts, the company offers a wide range of innovative products to address the needs and challenges of the banking market and its 200 banking and financial institution clients.

As a leader in universal banking, retail banking, corporate banking, private banking, Islamic banking, microfinance, neo-banks, family offices, and asset management companies, Capital Banking Solutions provides open and modular software solutions, available on the cloud or on-premises. With 300 expert employees based in France, Switzerland, Ivory Coast, Lebanon, and the USA, the company ensures perfect product support, services, and maintains close relationships with all its clients.

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