Banque de Gestion et de Financement (BGF), providing a concrete solution to overcome the challenges of the leasing process while minimizing operational risks, selects Capital Banking Solutions to implement a new banking module of the CapitalBanker™ software.

Paris, France – October 05, 2022 – Capital Banking Solutions today announced that its client, Banque de Gestion et de Financement (BGF), has signed up for the CapitalBanker™ “Leasing” module, in the objective of automating the stages of the process offering the bank a scalable, flexible and reliable solution.

Following the acquisition of this new module by the BGF, the bank will now be able to extend its activity and reach a new customer segment, thus enabling it to increase its market share.

This new module will allow the bank to optimize its leasing activity taking advantage of advanced functionalities that cover the entire process, with full integration into the bank’s central «CapitalBanker™» computer system, thus eliminating any manual work and data in silos.

George N’Guessan – Commercial Director for Africa – said  : «Regardless of size and budget, more and more companies and individuals are turning to leasing as a form of financing to the acquisition of «expensive» goods (movable or real estate) in the context of their professional activities. This observation prompted us to enrich our portfolio of banking solutions with Capital Banking Solutions by integrating the Leasing module into CapitalBanker™, our Core Banking System, which enabled us, at the same time, to support our client BGF in the development of its Leasing activity. »

Roger Guy Ghislain Ntwenguye, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of BGF added  : «Our clients’ strong desire to access this type of financial services and to benefit from investment programs such as leasing, has prompted us to invest in a new platform suitable for both customer advisors and borrowers. Thanks to Capital Banking Solutions, we will succeed in offering these services to our customers in record time”.

Capital Banking Solutions has had numerous installations of services and/or banking software in Burundi for more than ten years, one of the most important of which remains the Banque de Gestion et de Financement (BGF).


About BGF Burundi:

The Banque de Gestion et de Financement (BGF) is the culmination of the efforts made by a few promoters, mainly national ones. In 1992, the latter decided to set up a financial institution called Société de Gestion et de Financement «SOGEFI» in acronym. It operated as a financing bank without a counter. By decision of the Extraordinary General Meeting of December 20, 1995, B.GF took over the assets and liabilities of SOGEFI and now carries out all banking operations from April 1, 1996.

Thanks to its product innovation policy adapted to all customer segments and its vast distribution network, the Bank has given itself the mission of offering its many partners quality financial services in order to achieve lasting benefits. for all stakeholders. The vision of BGF Bank is to stimulate a new development dynamism based on adapted banking for more sustained growth in the country of Burundi.

The Banque de Gestion et de Financement currently has 15 Branches distributed in Bujumbura and inside the country as well as 8 Counters all located in the capital of the country. The current share capital of the bank is BIF 27,126,799,200


Overview of Capital Banking Solutions:

Capital Banking Solutions is one of the world’s leading providers of Global Banking platforms, equipped with the latest tools enabling its customers to adapt to the constant changes in the profession and also to meet the latest expectations of an increasingly demanding clientele in his relationship with his banker. The objective is to enable banks to constantly improve their performance in order to maintain the highest standards expected by both the regulator and customers.

CBS has over 25 years of banking expertise in providing innovative and comprehensive solutions that meet the evolving needs of financial institutions.



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