» The Moroccan market is very attractive for us», says Samer Hanna CEO of Capital Banking Solutions in Maroc Hebdo

Morocco 23 march, 2023 – The Franco-Lebanese company, now present in Casablanca, offers a complete range of solutions to national banks and financial institutions, many of which are already its clients.

W. EL BOUZDAIN: Capital Banking Solutions has recently opened a branch in Casablanca. What motivated this decision?

We are very pleased to have established our branch in Casablanca as we have identified a growing interest in our products and expertise among local banks and financial institutions. The Moroccan market is very attractive for us, with a dynamic economy and ever-changing growth. We also have loyal customers in Morocco, such as our long-standing customer, Bank of Africa.

We believe that our expertise and modern technology meet the needs of the Moroccan market, and we are confident in our ability to grow our business in the region.

W. EL BOUZDAIN: How do you expect to stand out on the Moroccan market?

We offer a full range of banking solutions, from Core Banking Systems to Wealth and Portfolio Management to CRM solutions.
Our Core Banking System is our flagship product, offering a complete banking platform for commercial, investment and private banks. This solution integrates features such as customer relationship management, online and mobile banking, account management, payment management and loan management.
We also have solutions for wealth and portfolio management, which enable banks and financial institutions to effectively manage their clients’ portfolios. This includes portfolio management solutions, risk analysis tools, portfolio management dashboards and reporting tools.
In terms of CRM solutions, we offer customer segmentation solutions, marketing tools, and data analysis tools that enable banks and financial institutions to better understand their customers and interact with them in a more efficient and personalized way.


W. EL BOUZDAIN: Do you have a strategy in mind to develop in Morocco and in the region?

We believe that the Moroccan market is very attractive for us, and we are confident in our ability to grow our business in the region. Our branch in Casablanca is a key element of this strategy.
We seek to establish strategic partnerships with Moroccan banks and financial institutions to understand their needs and offer tailored solutions. We are also looking to expand our business in Africa, while building on our existing presence in Abidjan and the Ivory Coast and seeking to establish partnerships with banks and financial institutions in the continent.
We are a growing company with cutting-edge expertise and a team of qualified and ambitious employees. We believe that we are well positioned to meet the needs of the Moroccan and African market and we look forward to expanding our presence in the region.

Interviewed by W. EL BOUZDAINI  – Interview © Maroc Hebdo


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