Chinguitty Bank a significant player in the Mauritanian economic landscape renews its trust with Capital Banking Solutions by choosing CapitalConnect™ and CapitalCompliance™ to enhance Its Information System.

Chinguitty Bank, client of CapitalBanker™ from Capital Banking Solutions since 2007, selects CapitalConnect™ and CapitalCompliance™ to benefit from seamless connectivity between its various tools as well as from a simplified compliance.

CapitalConnect™ is a middleware developed on a secure and open-source platform, enabling the integration of various solutions. Chinguitty Bank will now have an API-based platform, a modular architecture, and a unified system for all its applications. This will enable them to measure and improve productivity through KPIs and gain better insights into their operations.

With CapitalCompliance™, Chinguitty Bank will be well-equipped to meet all regulatory compliance requirements and have access to a comprehensive and streamlined solution for anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing. This will reduce financial and operational risks related to their clientele and ensure compliance with both local and international regulations.

Chinguitty Bank has relied on the expertise of Capital Banking Solutions since 2007. Our objective is to continue supporting them in optimizing their banking services and enhancing operational efficiency.

About Chinguitty Bank:
Chinguitty Bank was established in 1972 to strengthen economic ties between its two shareholders, Libya and the Islamic Republic of Mauritania, by promoting investment in Mauritania. Despite the challenges faced by Mauritania, Chinguitty Bank has been and remains a key player in the country’s economic development. It has played a crucial role in significant historical decisions, such as the creation of the national currency and the consolidation of economic and political independence. Today, the bank continues its commitment by providing economic operators with a wide range of increasingly tailored financing solutions. This includes facilitating documentary credits and executing essential transfers to support the country’s development and the well-being of its citizens.

About Capital Banking Solutions:
For over 25 years, Capital Banking Solutions has been developing and integrating innovative banking solutions tailored to various international banks. Leveraging our expertise, extensive experience, and ongoing research and development efforts, we offer a broad range of innovative products to address the needs and challenges of the banking market and our 200 banking and financial institution clients.

We are leaders in universal banking, retail banking, corporate banking, private banking, Islamic banking, microfinance, neo-banks, family offices, and asset management and brokerage companies. Our software solutions are open architecture, modular, and available on both cloud and on-premise platforms. With 300 expert employees based in France, Switzerland, Lebanon, Ivory Coast, and the USA, we ensure seamless product support, services, and a close relationship with all our clients.

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