Testimonial – BCI Senegal

Capital Banking Solutions assists BCI in the digitalization of all its banking services.

Testimonial Serigne Malé DIOP – IT Manager

By implementing CapitalDigital solution, the Bank for Commerce and Industry streamlines its services intuitively, simplifying them while enhancing cyversecurity !’

As a leading bank in the African market (Mauritania, Mali, Guinea, and Senegal), BCI fully embraces a major role in the development of the banking and financial sector, based on the social and economic realities upon which their commercial offerings are crafted.

Its primary objective is to continue expanding and strengthening its presence on the African continent. This ambitious project requires streamlining its entire information system, consisting of a suite of solutions (Core Banking, digitalization, compliance, and clearing solutions) in order to “be more competitive and have digital offerings in an ever-evolving ecosystem,” says Malé Diop, CIO of BCI Senegal.

A client since 2002 (BCI Mauritania) with the choice of Core Banking, CapitalBanker, Capital Banking Solutions accompanies every new branch opening, integrating its core banking system while always complying with local and international regulations and requirements.

The digital transformation has disrupted many industries, and the banking sector is no exception. With the emergence of new technologies and changing user expectations, banking services have undergone a major transformation, requiring the provision of agile, practical, and accessible solutions.

Thanks to the close, partnership-based relationship between BCI and CBS, their choice of a digitalization solution for all their banking services naturally turned to CapitalDigital at the group level in 2017, leading to its deployment in 2019 at BCI Senegal.
“Having a module like CapitalDigital is essential today.” BCI wanted “a complete, turnkey solution with an open and modular architecture, in a cloud version hosted by CBS, with flexible and agile project management,” confirms Malé Diop.

Behind Core Banking, the features of CapitalDigital are significant. From providing mobile applications, online platforms, chatbots, the relationship between BCI Senegal and its clients has drastically changed, allowing “account managers to have a significantly larger client portfolio, an essential package to boost their business, gain productivity, and retain their clients.”

“Thanks to CapitalDigital, our client portfolio has multiplied by 5!”

Primarily serving a corporate clientele, BCI streamlines all its banking activities. As the Director of Information Systems at BCI explains, “each client can now perform routine banking operations such as mass transfers with an immediate impact on available funds, bill payments, expense tracking, check and statement requests on PC/Mac and on smartphones/tablets.”

The introduction of digitalization in the banking sector is noteworthy, offering numerous advantages, including global outreach, speedy services, and real-time transaction updates via summary dashboards.

“Capital Banking Solutions also responds to the ongoing evolution of the market and remains attentive to global challenges, especially in Africa, where the financial ecosystem is constantly evolving,” according to our interlocutor.

Today, BCI ensures real transaction security thanks to the enhanced compliance provided by Capital Banking Solutions. Enhanced security protocols ensure the protection and encryption of personal and financial data, preventing any fraudulent activities.

Products evolve over time, based on the expectations of their banking and financial institution customers.

A long-term partnership

Malé Diop does not rule out the possibility of integrating additional features in the future to enhance their offerings and achieve complete interoperability with core banking and satellite solutions. With innovative banking services tailored to private, retail, and corporate clients (as at BCI), Mr. Malé Diop aims to implement electronic wallets (e-Wallets), payment systems, and many other tools to provide end-to-end digital solutions to their final clients.

The flexibility and quality of support from Capital Banking Solutions’ teams ensure a long-term partnership for the CIO. “Capital Banking Solutions knows how to evolve all of its products according to our expectations and ambitions. We are more than satisfied with our collaboration, the respect for our requirements and those of our market. Their R&D department listens to us, and their field experience and expertise allow them to continuously propose improvements to our entire information system.”

Optimizing internal processes, reducing operational costs, and improving overall efficiency are factors that drive CBS teams to continuously work on the research and development of their solutions.

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