The Agricultural Bank of Niger (BAGRI) adopts the new version of its Core Banking System, Capital Banker

Abidjan, June 19th 2024

A partner since 2010, the Agricultural Bank of Niger (BAGRI) is taking a decisive step towards digitalization by adopting the latest version of its core banking system, Capital Banker (formerly Orion), developed by Capital Banking Solutions.

A modern and secure solution tailored to the needs of the Agricultural Bank of Niger

BAGRI has chosen to modernize its IT infrastructure by integrating the newest version of the Core Banking System, Capital Banker. This strategic upgrade aims to enhance its banking activities and streamline its processes.

BAGRI will benefit from various advantages, including:

  • Improved performance and enhanced security: Capital Banker offers a complete and secure solution, enhancing operational efficiency and ensuring optimal security for all transactions.
  • Accelerated digital transformation: BAGRI remains a market leader, leveraging digital transformation with a 360° customer view as well as banking activities tailored to each business profile, optimizing all its processes.
  • Enhanced compliance and regulation: Capital Banker ensures compliance with multiple local regulations, enabling BAGRI to meet regulatory requirements.
  • Efficiency and cost reduction: BAGRI gains better predictability in business (profitability projection, etc.) and increased efficiency in its internal processes, resulting in reduced operating expenses while improving the quality of customer service.

Thus, the Agricultural Bank of Niger positions itself to offer high-quality banking services while optimizing all its processes and enhancing its market competitiveness.

The entire team at Capital Banking Solutions thanks the Agricultural Bank of Niger for its continued trust over the years.

About the Agricultural Bank of Niger

The Agricultural Bank of Niger (BAGRI) was established on July 20, 2010, with a share capital of ten billion eighty-three million (10,083,000,000) CFA francs. BAGRI aims to become the first commercial bank in the UEMOA area accredited to the Adaptation Fund and to benefit from Green Fund financing.

As a UNIVERSAL BANK, BAGRI finances all sectors of the national economy. Since its inception, it has supported over 10,000 producers with a total financing package of approximately 11 billion CFA francs to assist agricultural entrepreneurs. BAGRI offers its customers expertise in financing the agro-pastoral sector through an approach based on meeting the actual needs of the customer, with a monitoring and advisory team that helps optimize production time, secure financial flows (business contracts), and improve profitability (increased productivity).

To diversify and mitigate covariant risks, BAGRI also offers all products of a classic bank through its network of 24 branches across Niger.

Today, BAGRI manages over 98,000 accounts in its portfolio, offering innovative products and services to remain competitive in the market and strengthen customer relationships.

In addition to its branch network, BAGRI is expanding its activities by partnering with other players in the Mobile Telephony (OTM), Money Transfer (OTA), and Microfinance (IMF) sectors to reach its target across the entire national territory. This also aims to allow BAGRI to participate in financial inclusion programs through mobile money, which is being promoted through several projects at the national level.

About Capital Banking Solutions

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