Capital Banking Solutions Announces Version Upgrade of Core Banking System for Banque El Amana (BEA) in Mauritania

Abidjan, June 13, 2024 – Capital Banking Solutions (CBS), a leading provider and integrator in the field of innovative banking solutions, is proud to announce the version upgrade of its core banking system for Banque El Amana (BEA) in Mauritania. A partner of CBS since 2002, the bank already uses the CapitalBanker (formerly Orion) core banking system as well as CapitalClearing, CapitalCompliance, and other solutions.

This new project marks an important milestone in the bank’s ongoing digital transformation, further strengthening its commitment to providing modern banking solutions tailored to its growing customer base in recent years.

As part of this version upgrade, BEA has acquired a comprehensive range of complementary modules to its existing core banking system. The integrated modules will include:

  • CapitalBankerTM : Module for customer profitability calculation, management of commercial packages, management of dormant accounts and customers, bank reconciliations (Loro/Nostro), card request management, and engagement and risk management, including the handling of doubtful debts.

Additionally, Banque El Amana will benefit from the following components:

  •  WhatsApp BankingTM with CapitalDigitalTM as backend : An innovative solution allowing Banque El Amana customers to conduct banking operations via the WhatsApp messaging application (account balance, transfers between own accounts, viewing of nearest ATMs, visibility of available products, comments and reviews, FAQ, etc.), thus offering increased accessibility and maximum convenience.
  • CapitalLendingTM : A comprehensive loan management solution, allowing better management of the loan lifecycle and more secure and smoother credit application processing. (Loan Origination)
  • CapitalPaymentsTM : A cutting-edge solution for managing SWIFT messages, ensuring secure and smooth international transactions. (Compliant with ISO 20022 standards)
  • Capital e-LearningTM : An online training platform aimed at improving the skills of Banque El Amana employees and ensuring rapid and effective adoption of new technologies and solutions implemented.

This project is the result of close collaboration between the CBS and Banque El Amana teams, aimed at providing ultra-modern banking services and meeting the demands of a constantly evolving Mauritanian market.

“We are delighted to strengthen our collaboration with Banque El Amana. This initiative demonstrates our commitment to providing innovative banking solutions and supporting the digital transformation of financial institutions in Africa,” said Alain Klat, Group Sales and Marketing Director at Capital Banking Solutions.

Banque El Amana, a leading financial institution in Mauritania, is recognized for its commitment to innovation and excellence in customer service. This strengthened partnership with CBS will enable Banque El Amana to continue improving its operational capabilities and offering high-quality, value-added financial services to its clientele.

About Banque El Amana

Banque El Amana is a leading financial institution in Mauritania, offering a wide range of banking products and services to its individual, corporate, and institutional clients. The bank is known for its commitment to innovation and its constant focus on improving the customer experience.

About Capital Banking Solutions

For over 25 years, Capital Banking Solutions has been developing and integrating innovative banking solutions tailored to various international banks. Leveraging our expertise, extensive experience, and ongoing research and development efforts, we offer a broad range of innovative products to address the needs and challenges of the banking market and our 200 banking and financial institution clients.

We are leaders in universal banking, retail banking, corporate banking, private banking, Islamic banking, microfinance, neo-banks, family offices, and asset management and brokerage companies. Our software solutions are open architecture, modular, and available on both cloud and on-premise platforms. With 300 expert employees based in France, Switzerland, Dubai, Lebanon, Ivory Coast, Egypt, Morocco and the USA, we ensure seamless product support, services, and a close relationship with all our clients.

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